Elmo’s World Podcast Interview

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I was recently interviewed by Elmo from Elmo’s World Podcast (available here on Spotify and iTunes). Here is a summary of the topics covered:

  • How atheists are inconsistent in their claims depending on the debate
  • The claim that quantum mechanics opens doubt to the laws of logic
  • The hard problem of consciousness
  • Alvin Plantinga’s argument about naturalism being self-defeating
  • Materialism entails nihilism, yet atheists prescribe ethics
  • The basis for rejecting theism can also be used to reject many atheist beliefs
  • Can you isolate the exception to the law of non-contradiction to the quantum realm because it works “weirdly,” or will one contradiction destroy any system of thought?
  • Does quantum mechanics even tell us that a contradiction can exist?
  • How the entire scientific method itself is based on the law of noncontradiction
  • Are there any consistent worldviews? Isn’t any worldview always subject to radical change depending on new information which can potentially be discovered?
  • Growing in the West as a Muslim
  • The best argument for the existence of God in my view
  • How do you go from God to Islam?
  • The 3 ways of knowing anything
  • Muslim theologians’ way of proving prophethood
  • What I personally find most convincing
  • Most followers of any religion or school of thought feel a “sense of the Divine” – does this mean that this tells us nothing?
  • Doesn’t Divine Hiddenness prove that God does not communicate with mankind?
  • How the saints of the various religions show that there is a general communication between God and mankind
  • How Islam is not in competition with other religions
  • Islam is the last message until the Day of Judgement
  • One mistake people make when trying to determine the veracity of the Prophet Muhammad (s)
  • The mystical tradition of Islam
  • Scientific miracles in the Quran
  • Mathematical miracles in the Quran
  • Can you prove everything deductively?
  • My message to atheists