Epstein’s Death Was Certainly a Conspiracy

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As I’m sure you’re all aware, Jeffrey Epstein, a billionaire with a private pedophile island has died while in prison. The official story would have us believe that one of the most powerful men in the world, who regularly rubbed shoulders with the levers of power internationally – inviting them over to his pedophile island – happened to commit suicide while on suicide watch and the camera watching his cell “malfunctioned.” Yup, that’s the grand story rolled out to us all.

Some of have suggested that his whole pedophile operation was a honey-trap to get dirt on the rich and powerful. still others have claimed that his girlfriend’s father is an Israeli Mossad official. We may suspect this as a trap that Israel uses to manipulate the world’s elite.

People generally have no problem believing conspiracies that occurred in history. Alexander the Great? Poisoned. Julius Caesar? Stabbed in the Senate. No alarm bells ring and we tend to accept the fact that attempts at espionage, assassinations and conspiracies so forth were a regular feature of history.

However, here’s a question to ask – did those things occur in history because of some peculiar, contingent circumstances or are these things a feature of human nature?

I think it’s obvious that conspiracy, espionage and so forth stem from at ;east two basic primal urges – the desire for power and the fear of death, failure and social rejection. It seemsabsurd, then, to postulate that such a thing could simply disappear from the human condition whilst those two motivators remain as powerful as ever. If anything, we’d expect conspiracy to be more today than ever before, and indeed we see manifestations of it in other countries, with major corporations, and so forth.

It’s for these reasons I say that anyone who believes the official story on Epstein is beyond naïve – they are wilfully ignorant.