On the New LGBTQ Law

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

In a certain way, this new law to impose *cough* I mean protect LGBTQ from discrimination actually makes sense. You see, LGBTQ is a *deen* people, it is a way of life. It is a religion. And because the US constitution has been interpreted as saying that freedom of religion implies there is no difference between following Christianity and Satanism, so too it follows that there is no difference between following Christianity and Postmodernism (a polytheistic religion under which LGBTQ is just one form.)

This is because the US constitution does not recognize that there is Truth, and so it is already postmodern in its fundamental underpinnings. The only thing that prevented the US from sliding into this level of degeneracy previously was a God-fearing, brave Christian population.

The real issue is that as the state religion of the US officially becomes Postmodernism, they will begin to impose their polytheism on all monotheistic religious institutions. Thus, we will soon be facing a Gay Imam Quota – the idea that a certain percentage of imams must be gay in order to reflect the percentage of sodomites among the Muslim population, all in the name of “equity and freedom.” You see, if there are no gay imams, that is clear evidence of discrimination against LGBTQ persons and it is now illegal to do so. If this is the basic premise, why should a masjid board be allowed to refuse an LGBTQ person work as an imam just for their sexual orientation? Why should they be able to refuse women that position?

The quotas are coming folks. Understand that the culture is already in full swing to go that way in the next 50 years. If you think that’s unimaginable, just remember where we were as a culture 50 years ago and the changes that have taken place.

If there’s one thing you take away from this post, it’s that you *MUST* understand that no matter what so-called pundits say about how innocent this is – LGBTQ activists *ARE* positioning themselves to get the leverage to be able to impose their deen, their way of life, their religion, on everyone else. They are doing this tirelessly, and meanwhile, all the religious folk are sitting ducks. Understand that the LGBTQ lobby was able to get this passed while there is supposedly a majority conservative Supreme Court. If they can do this now, they can do anything they want. They are just introducing their program progressively so as to lull the population into sleep while they inject us with their poison.