The Purple Skeptic Community

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Imagine you lived in a world where half the population was colour blind to the colour purple. You are one of the people who can see the colour purple. Imagine, then, that among the colourblind half of the population, they began a “skeptic community” about whether the colour purple actually exists, or whether purple-believer half of the population was simply delusional – imagining things, making things up, asserting the existence of a colour for which no scientific or objective evidence could be produced.

You might think that it would be easy to produce scientific evidence of purple; after all, all you would need to do is show a 380–450 nanometer wavelength of light. Except for the skeptic community, they see 380–450 nm wavelengths of light as blue, not purple. Blue light, in their view, extends from 380–495 nm Therefore, they conclude, that purple believers are entirely delusional.

Would you at all be persuaded by the skeptic community? No. The reason is because you perceive the colour purple directly in your mind, and no argument could ever convince you that such a thing does not exist precisely because it is not possible to doubt it’s existence in your subjective mind.

Understand this; doubts about the existence of God begin when you no longer see His Light in the eye of your heart. When your direct witness fades, it becomes a memory, and when the memory fades you open yourself to the incessant questioning of the so-called skeptic community.